Alright, mush.

by james

Firstly, thanks for reading and welcome to my blog.

Secondly, Don’t you have ANYTHING better to do?

I jest, I’m brilliant. Stick with me, you’ll see.

Heres what you’ll find on this here thing I call my blog…

I write about art and literature and life with a focus on black and white art and imagery. This is my corner of the internet where I empty my brain onto your screen in, hopefully, an entertaining manner. These posts are the outcome of years of note collecting on things most people will find duller than a room full of politicians but that you and I, dear reader, will find incredibly interesting.

My mission is to seek out the BEST in B&W.

I also doubt there’s any other place on the internet that combines such serious topics with such silly talk. Go find and report back. I DARE YA!

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