Hello, I’m James.

by james

Welcome to my dark corner of the internet. I’m an electrician who had a daft idea to write a book, got myself drunk, then told the world. So, I best get on with it, I guess. You can read more about me in my bio.

My Mission is to Produce a Quality Work of Fiction

I’ve had aspirations to write a novel since I was thirty-years-old. But with a big family and so little time, I put the idea away on a shelf and let it dust over. I’m now ready to go. I’d like to get it published, once done, but I’m aware that’s harder than a boy in a brothel. Maybe you’ve guessed, but I’m the kind of no-nonsense working man that publishers don’t really cry out for. I’ll self-publish it if I must.

I’m fond of the dark gritty novel and these are some of the people who have influenced me:

Harry Crews, D.H. Lawrence, Bukowski, Murakami, Nietzsche, Dostoyevsky, Jung, Plato, Yeates, John Banville, Hemingway, Flannery O’ Connor, Orwell, Chekhov, Frank McCourt, Cormac McCarthy, Frazetta, Blake, da Vinci, Van Gogh, and lots of other writers and artists that I’m probably forgetting right now.

Grab My Newsletter

I also send a regular newsletter via email, every Sunday in fact, and it’s titled ‘THE WEEK THAT WAS’. Not a particular witty title, granted, but it does what it says on the tin. It’s (if you haven’t guessed it) a weekly roundup of what’s been going on in my life, things in the news, stuff I’ve discovered–mostly related to art, science, literature, nutrition, exercise, photography (especially B&W), and all manner of other things that most people find duller than a room full of politicians but that you and I, dear reader, will find extremely curious.

Give Me Your Best Email

I hate spam. Your email address will not be sold or shared with anyone. Not even scribbled on toilet doors with a sharpie.

Support Me

This seems to be the kind of shit people do these days. Not really into it. I’ve never liked to ask anyone for anything. But if you feel the need to support my efforts in writing fiction because you are sick to death of the current state of literature not catering for the likes of me, then you can donate monthly at PATREON where I will very much appreciate it. All money will fund my writing efforts, buying pencils, study books, writing time, and maybe upgrading my old trusty HP laptop.

If you prefer to donate a one-off payment then please use PAYPAL.

Social Media

I’m not blessed with social media skills. I never come across well on there. At best, it’s a great source of memes and LOLs. At worst, a massive time-wasting echo-chamber that makes me want to pour bleach into my eyeballs. Neither of which are useful for creating something worthy. So, for that reason, I tend to flit between them and break up the addiction. My FACEBOOK page is really just a holding page where you can watch my stories. My INSTAGRAM is my preferred where you’ll find my love of black and white photography and TWITTER is where I just watch the world burn. I also have a page for sharing what I’m READING or LISTENING to.

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