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If the images on this blog are not by me, then they be under any one of the following copyright laws.

My images

I own the copyright to my images. 

Images in the public domain 

These images are from creators who died a long time ago, but I will still always credit their work.

Images with a Creative Commons Licence 

Images that the copyright owner has given me permission to use if I follow certain rules.

Licenced Images

Images that I obtained a licence to use by either asking permission or buying through a stock photo website.

As I live in the UK, and because this website is a blog, I follow the UK government law and often use images considered as fair dealing and an exception to copyright. You can read about that here, but I will still always link to the creator. 

If you find an image that you own and believe i have infringe upon the law then please message me. 

Thank you.

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